SUBJECT: Wellington Main Streets Program presentation to the Town Trustees and Mayor from Wellington Main Streets Program Executive Director Annie Lindgren



The Wellington Main Streets Program provides monthly updates to the Town Trustees regarding on-going projects, organizational updates, events, and future plans.


Item 1: Consultation Services provided through DOLA

  • Market Leakage Analysis and Opportunity Assessment is a service to help with strategies to enhance downtown business performance. This study will help with merchandising, retaining, expanding and attracting new businesses. Surveys went out to business owners within the Main Streets Program’s district, inquiring information on their business, their experience as business owners in downtown Wellington, and their thoughts on needs regarding businesses we should be attracting, and how best to support the ones we have. The end results of the market analysis will include a list of businesses that we should be attracting to Wellington, in order to keep more of the spending local. This consultation service should be done by the end of the year. This is a free service, and a requirement of moving on to a graduate level Main Street Program.
  • Consultation service to help with the DDA process. There are consultation services available through DOLA that can help us navigate the DDA process start to finish, free of charge due to our status as a Main Street Program.


Item 2: Current projects

  • Promotional Video for Downtown Wellington project: WCMSP is working with the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, and the Town of Wellington on a project to make a promotional video for Wellington, showcasing the community highlights, businesses, housing options, and community activities. The videos will be available to share on various town organizations’ websites.
  • Banner Program: We are working on coming up with a new image for the Banner Program, that we will be expanding and renewing in late 2018. We are using a design that stems from the fine art piece on the Town Hall building. We will work with the town on what additional poles we can add banners to.
  • Christmas Decorations for 2018: We are inquiring with the town as to whether or not there is a desire to make more upgrades to the downtown Christmas decorations.
  • Murals: We are looking for a mural artist to do a mural of the old Wellington Train Depot on the brick building just east of the railroad tracks.
  • Website: We are working on a developing a new website for our program under the web address
  • Membership stickers: We have ordered ‘Proud Supporter of Wellington Main Streets Program’ stickers to give to members, sponsors, and available for purchase at the office.


Item 3: Other items

  • Items WCMSP is advocating for regarding infrastructure needs in downtown Wellington:
    • Solar powered push button crosswalk lights for safer pedestrian crossing at the intersections of 3rd and 4th or 5th (crossing Cleveland Ave.).
    • ADA compliant sidewalks and crosswalks in downtown Wellington.
    • Address drainage issues that cause flooding of downtown Wellington businesses.
  • Our annual dinner is scheduled for November 14th, 2018 at the Leeper Center. The trustees, mayor, and town employees are welcome to attend.