SUBJECT: Wellington Main Streets Program presentation to the Town Trustees and Mayor from Wellington Main Streets Program Executive Director Annie Lindgren



The Wellington Main Streets Program provides monthly updates to the Town Trustees regarding on-going projects, organizational updates, events, and future plans.


Item 1: Consultation Services provided through DOLA

  • Market Leakage Analysis and Opportunity Assessment is a service to help with strategies to enhance downtown business performance. This study will help with merchandising, retaining, expanding and attracting new businesses. Surveys went out to business owners within the Main Streets Program’s district, inquiring information on their business, their experience as business owners in downtown Wellington, and their thoughts on needs regarding businesses we should be attracting, and how best to support the ones we have. The end results of the market analysis will include a list of businesses that we should be attracting to Wellington, in order to keep more of the spending local. This consultation service should be done by the end of the year. This is a free service, and a requirement of moving on to a graduate level Main Street Program.
  • Consultation service to help with the DDA process. There are consultation services available through DOLA that can help us navigate the DDA process start to finish, free of charge due to our status as a Main Street Program.


Item 2: Current projects

  • Promotional Video for Downtown Wellington project: WCMSP is working with the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, and the Town of Wellington on a project to make a promotional video for Wellington, showcasing the community highlights, businesses, housing options, and community activities. The videos will be available to share on various town organizations’ websites.
  • Banner Program: We are working on a new image for the Banner Program, that we will be expanding and renewing in late 2018. We are doing a 1 year sponsorship, and banner design that will be out for the whole year. We are using a design that stems from the fine art piece on the Town Hall building.
  • Christmas Decorations for 2018: WCMSP is working with the Kiwanis and the Town of Wellington to do more upgrades on Christmas Decorations for 2018. We are looking in to options for the entryway signs, the flower planters, and doing some decoration to the skate park fence.
  • Murals: We are looking for a mural artist to do a mural of the old Wellington Train Depot on the brick building just east of the railroad tracks.
  • Website: We are working on a developing a new website for our program under the web address This website will be complete by the end of October.
  • Membership stickers: We now have ‘Proud Supporter of Wellington Main Streets Program’ stickers to give to members, sponsors, and available for purchase at the office.
  • Flower Planters: We are doing seasonal décor with the flower planters, and added scarecrows for fall.
  • Shop Small Wellington: WCMSP is teaming up with the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, Amp, and downtown business owners for Shop Small Wellington event on November 24th.
  • Concert Planning for 2019: Concert planning committee met in October for debriefing and to discuss next steps for 2019. We are building a new committee of invested and talented community members, and are looking at doing one concert in August, rather than a three concert series. WCMSP will continue to be involved with other events in the community, and there were several new 2018 events put on by other organizations that will be annual events (filling the need for community events). Putting on one concert event, instead of three, will cut down on cost and workload.


Item 3: Other items

  • Items WCMSP is advocating for regarding infrastructure needs in downtown Wellington:
    • Solar powered push button crosswalk lights for safer pedestrian crossing at the intersections of 3rd and 4th or 5th (crossing Cleveland Ave.).
    • ADA compliant sidewalks and crosswalks in downtown Wellington.
    • Address drainage issues that cause flooding of downtown Wellington businesses.
  • Our annual dinner is scheduled for November 14th, 2018 at 5:30p at the Leeper Center. The trustees, mayor, and town employees are welcome to attend.
  • Executive Director is attending the Colorado Main Street Manager’s conference in Montrose November 1st-2nd, where she will join managers from the other 19 Colorado Main Street Communities for learning and networking opportunities.


2018 Wellington CO Main Streets Program’s Accomplishments

Downtown Beautification projects coordinated through the WCMSP Design Committee:

  • 2018 Flower planters: planted and maintained by WCMSP and funded by sponsorships from local businesses.
  • Mural on Sol De Jalisco, ‘In Bloom’, August 2018: Paint and materials donated by Commercial Coatings Inc., wall donated by Sol De Jalisco, and work done by artist Joe Hamman.
  • Fine Art Piece for Town Hall building, ‘Our Home on the Front Range’, August 2018. 16’x7’ aluminum panel designed by Dynamic Image, and painted by local artist Shandy O.
  • New paint color for the outside of the Town Hall Building, and help with design for sign and lighting upgrades.
  • Seasonal Décor in the off season flower planters: Scarecrows for fall installed in September, and Winter décor added for Winter in November.
  • New Banner program rolling out in November 2018. Previous banners were changed out in May. Design is based on the ‘Our Home on the Front Range’ art piece.
  • Christmas Decoration upgrades for 2018, partnering with the Kiwanis club and the Town of Wellington to upgrade decorations for the entryway signs, and along Cleveland Ave.

Events coordinated through Promotion committee and special event committees:

  • 2018 Summer concert series, June 16th, July 21st, and August 18th. This year’s theme of ‘Women of Summer’ brought in music fans from all around. The expansion of the beer garden fence and addition of 2 more local drink vendors, increased drink sales. Event funded through sponsorships, collaboration with local businesses, Bohemian foundation grant, partnership with the town, and WCMSP budget.
  • Arbor Day Celebration, April 27th. Tree Top Inc. donated 8 hours of tree trimming service to Downtown Wellington, and WCMSP partnered with the Kiwanis, the Rotary club, and Boys and Girls Club of Wellington for a celebration that included cardboard recycling and fort building, tree education and planting, and a visit from the CSU forestry service and the Larimer County Recycling Center.
  • Historic Walking Tour on June 30th in which Ron Sladek talked about the history of downtown Wellington and the various historic buildings the 25 surveys were done on. Approximately 80 people attended.
  • Partnered with local businesses on the first Wellington Brewfest, June 2018. WCMSP was the beneficiary of the sold out event ($6,532.47), and the income went towards promotion and beautification of downtown Wellington (mural, membership stickers, promotional video).
  • Partnering with the Wellington Chamber of Commerce and downtown businesses for a Shop Small Wellington event on November 24th
  • Annual Dinner and meeting, November 14th, 2018 at 5:30p at the Leeper Center in Wellington.
  • Ribbon Cutting events put on for the mural and fine art piece.
  • Partnering with the Chamber of Commerce for the 2018 Business Lighting contest.
  • 4th of July parade float in collaboration with other organizations (Chamber, Boys and Girls Club, Mayor and Trustees, Senior Center).


Other Promotional related projects:

  • New Website, October 2018.
  • New brochure (due out in November)
  • New Membership stickers
  • Promotional Video for Wellington: Partnering with the Wellington Area Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Wellington on a promotional video for Wellington.
  • Promotion of downtown Wellington an WCMSP projects in local media sources. We partnered with North Forty News and Scene Magazine for promotion of the concerts and the murals. ED was interviewed for an article in the Colorado Real Estate Journal, and met with the outreach person for Bizwest on how to get better coverage for Wellington. Bizwest published an article on the murals. We have also increased our presence on Facebook, to help spread the word.
  • WCMSP has a page for program updates in the quarterly Chamber Newsletter.

Organizational Activities Completed in 2018:

  • Consultations services (provided by DOLA):
  • Strategic Planning workshop to help us build a 3 year strategic plan and update our transformational strategies for WCMSP, March-April 2018
  • Pickaxe consultation service to help with branding and marketing of downtown Wellington. June, 2018. Helped us gain a more unified message.
  • Market Leakage Analysis and Opportunity Assessment: A service to help with strategies to enhance downtown business performance. This service is taking place right now, and should be complete by the end of the year.
  • Grant applications for funding resources:
    • DOLA minigrant for $5000 helped pay for the mural and fine art projects.
    • Historical building survey on 25 downtown Wellington buildings paid for by a grant through State Historical Fund.
    • Bohemian Foundation Grant to help fund the summer concert series.
    • Applied for an AARP Grant for funding for push button solar power crosswalks.
  • Training Scholarship provided by DOLA ($3000) plus extra training funds in the WCMSP budget
    • Executive Director attended National Main Street Conference in Kansas City in March, the Colorado Main Street Manager’s summit in Montrose in November, and the CPI Saving Places Conference in Denver, February 2018
    • ED attended Quick Book training put on through SBDC.
    • Scholarship paid for board members to attend a Jon Schallert Workshop training in Laramie on, May 2018, and for members to attend a DDA training put on by DCI regarding the communities of Fort Collins and Windsor. August 16th, 2018.
    • Executive Director attends monthly ‘Think Tanks’ put on through DOLA and including Main Street Managers form other Colorado communities.
    • DOLA and National Main Street have a lot of training resources that are helpful in a variety of projects and program areas related to our work in Wellington. These are free training resources, or there are programs available at a reduced cost.
    • Training on ‘Advanced Principles of Quality Design’ completed with the committee working on Design Guidelines, including the Town Planner.
  • Added a part time, up to 10 hours a week, office assistant to help with basic needs of the organization.
  • Increased collaboration between the various volunteer organizations in Wellington, by having a meeting with all groups invited, March 2018.
  • New Membership program to be rolled out in November, 2018. We will have 2 membership levels, instead of 4, and will have stronger committee involvement in recruiting members for the program.
  • ED attends Chamber events to support businesses within the Main Streets district, as well as for networking and educating the public on what the Main Streets program does for downtown Wellington.

Economic Revitalization Activities for 2018:

  • Working with the Town Planner to come up with Design Guidelines for downtown Wellington
  • Working with the town on preparations for bringing a Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to Wellington.
  • Advocating for improvements to downtown’s safety for pedestrians in upgrading ADA accessibility and adding push button crosswalk lights to higher pedestrian traffic intersections.
  • Advocating for improvements to the drainage issues that cause flooding in downtown businesses during heavy rain.
  • Historic Survey completed on 25 downtown Wellington buildings, paid for by a grant through the State Historical Fund, and a step towards helping with revitalization efforts of the buildings, eligibly for historic registry and grant funding to help with renovation. Copy of the survey was given to each of the building owners and placed in the Wellington Library. There is also a copy in the Main Streets office and on our website.
  • Working with the DOLA architect on ideas for renovations for downtown Wellington buildings,including upgrades to Town Hall.
  • CDOT installed Colorado Main Street signs on either end of downtown Wellington due to our status as a Designated Main Street community.
  • Working in collaboration with the Town of Wellington and members of the Chamber of Commerce in monthly meetings regarding Economic Development in Downtown Wellington, and putting together a MOU regarding roles and responsibilities.