SUBJECT: Wellington Main Streets Program presentation to the Town Trustees and Mayor from Wellington Main Streets Program Executive Director Annie Lindgren



The Wellington Main Streets Program provides monthly updates to the Town Trustees regarding on-going projects, organizational updates, events, and future plans.


Item 1: Consultation Services provided through DOLA for 2018

  • Market Leakage Analysis and Opportunity Assessment is a service to help with strategies to enhance downtown business performance. This study can will with merchandising, retaining, expanding and attracting new businesses. The first meeting happened June 27th, and the information requested by the organization was submitted by July 20th.


Item 2: Upcoming Events

  • 2018 Summer Concert Series, Final concert scheduled for August 18th, 2018. We have had a great turn out for the other events in the series, and the help from the town regarding these events has been great.


Item 3: Current projects

  • Murals for downtown Wellington: Mural #1 for Townhall building is complete and will be installed on the front of the building August (due to delays in top coat paint). We will schedule a ribbon cutting, will have a plaque made, and will promote the event through various media sources. We found a local artist willing to donate time and materials for Mural #2, which will be on the Sol De Jalisco building, and should be complete by mid August.
  • Design Guidelines for Downtown Wellington: WCMSP is working with the Town Planner, business owners, and other invested groups, to create design guidelines for downtown Wellington. Next step is to review the results of the historic survey.
  • Promotional Video for Downtown Wellington project: WCMSP is working with the Wellington Chamber of Commerce on a project to make a promotional video for Wellington, showcasing the community highlights, businesses, housing options, and community activities. The videos will be available to share on various town organizations’ websites. The Chamber is working on finding businesses to sponsor this project, and WCMSP and the Town will split the remainder of the tab (which will come to approximately $1025 each).


Item 4: Other updates

  • We are putting together a group to attend a tour of the DDA’s (Downtown Development Authority) in Fort Collins and in Windsor. This tour will occur on August 16th, starting in Fort Collins at 10:30am, and ending in Windsor in the afternoon. Great opportunity to learn more about DDA’s, see what they can do, and talk to the people in charge of running them. Please let me know if you would like to be on the list to attend by emailing
  • The Historic Walking Tour was a big success! We had about 80 people show up. The business and building owners of surveyed properties were all sent copies of their buildings, and a copy will be available at the Wellington Public Library.
  • We did not receive the grant funding for the push button Crosswalks in downtown Wellington. We will continue to seek funding opportunities to help pay for safety and infrastructure needs for downtown Wellington.
  • The WCMSP office will be closed July 23rd-August 6th due to the Executive Director being out on vacation, however the assistant will be in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays for up to 5 hours a day to take care of office and clerical needs.