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The Wellington Colorado Main Street Program (WCMSP) seeks to enhance the beautification and image of downtown Wellington by encouraging sign and awning improvements to commercial buildings located in the program boundary area. As an economic incentive, the WCMSP is offering grant funding to assist with the purchase of new signs and awnings installed on downtown buildings.


The WCMSP is offering a 50/50 match grant up to $1,000 per project, or up to $2,000 per project for multi-tenant properties, towards the purchase of new signs and awnings for commercial properties in downtown Wellington. Interested applicants must be the owner or tenant of a commercial property within the WCMSP boundary area. Leased buildings must have written consent from the property owner before receiving grant funds. Applications will be accepted while funds are available.

Wellington Main Street Program Area Map

Eligible Projects

  • Signs
      • Hanging 
      • Flat-Facing/Wall-Mounted
      • Sandwich Board/A-frame
      • Window Decals
  • Awnings
      • Entryway or window awnings used for printed advertising made of various awning materials, such as canvas, metal, or vinyl
  • Lighting
      • Exterior lighting fixtures that illuminate signs or awnings

Ineligible Projects

  • Neon signs
  • Cabinet or box signs
  • Pole signs or free-standing signs not in compliance with the municipal code
  • Electronic message boards
  • Illuminated vacuum-formed panel awnings


  • All signs or awnings must comply with the Town of Wellington municipal code. Please reference the Town’s Land Use Code for commercial sign requirements via the links below. 
  • All signs and awnings are required to be professionally produced and installed by a licensed contractor. Additional information about contractor licensing with the Town of Wellington can be found here: Contractor License | Wellington, CO (townofwellington.com)
  • Applicants must apply for and receive a Building Permit (i.e. commercial sign permit) from the Town of Wellington Planning and Building Department prior to applying for grant funding. (See Grant Application Process below for additional guidance.) 
  • The cost of a building permit can be included in the contractor’s bid and reimbursed as part of the grant request. 
  • Front lit and exterior lit signage are preferred. The goal is to deter back lit or internally lit box signs. Neon signs and electronic message boards are not eligible.
  • Signs consisting of carved or raised letters or painted signs may be considered if lit from the front or above.
  • Contact information shall not exceed 50% of the business name lettering or logo size.
  • Awnings and signs must remain within the proper scale of the building and not obscure architectural features. Contrasting letters painted or sewn on the fascia only.
  • Rear entrance, alleyway, auxiliary signs, and decorative canopies and awnings may be considered part of the program.
  • Repair or improvement to existing signs or awnings may be considered at the discretion of the WCMSP Board of Directors if they are compliant with current municipal code and have not received grant funding through this program previously.
  • Lighting costs are considered eligible if used to light signage. 
  • Labor, construction, and installation are all eligible expenses.
  • Multi-tenant building directory signs are considered eligible if they comply with municipal code.



  • Exclusively residential and non-commercial properties.
  • Property in litigation, mediation, condemnation, or receivership.
  • Property with outstanding code violation orders.
  • Property with any special assessments, delinquent real estate taxes, or delinquent personal property taxes.
  • Work completed before an application is submitted is not eligible.
  • Signs that depict “for lease” or “for sale” information.
  • Roof top, off premise, or interior store signs.


  1. The WCMSP Board of Directors will review applications and approve funding decisions at monthly Board meetings (third Monday of each month). Applications must be received by the second Monday of the month to be included in the Board packet for approval. Applications must be complete to be considered for review. 
  2. A written approval or denial letter will be issued to the applicant within 14 days of the WCMSP Board of Director’s decision.
  3. A permit is required for signs and awnings and Town of Wellington approval must be obtained prior to applying for funding.
  4. Upon obtaining all approvals, the owner/applicant agrees to complete the project within six months from the approval date. In return, the WCMSP agrees to reimburse the owner/applicant for 50% of the cost of the project, up to $1,000 for single tenant or $2,000 for multi-tenant projects, upon completion of the pre-approved applicant-paid work.
  5. Upon approval, the applicant has 90 days to initiate the work, unless an extension is approved in writing. Building Permits are valid for 180 days.
  6. As necessary, consult with WCMSP Program Manager during course of work to ensure project’s compliance as originally submitted.

Caitlin Morris 
(970) 657-3486

  1. Upon completion, and after obtaining a finalized inspection card from Wellington Building Department, please schedule a final inspection with the WCMSP Manager.
  2. Submit paid receipts for the completed project to the WCMSP Program Manager along with a copy of the finalized building permit. Receipts can be emailed to wellingtonmainstreetco@gmail.com or delivered to: 

Town of Wellington Municipal Services Building 
8225 Third Street
Wellington, CO 80549

  1. The awarded grant funds will be reimbursed with a check made payable to the applicant after all work and inspections are complete and the appropriate receipts have been submitted and reviewed for accuracy and compliance with the program. 


    • Funding is limited and the amount awarded for a project is on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Owners, tenants, or owner/tenant joint ventures may submit applications.
    • Applicants must comply with the program standards as well as the Town of Wellington commercial sign requirements as outlined in the Land Use Code.
    • A completed application must be submitted to be considered for review. Applicants can apply more than once at the same address as long as the applicant does not exceed the maximum sign grant amount of $1,000 for a single tenant property or $2,000 for a multi-tenant property during a three-year time frame (from the time the first application was received).
    • Grants will only be provided for projects that conform to all Town of Wellington zoning, permitting, and licensing requirements, along with any necessary WCMSP approvals.
    • A property owner with three or more tenants must submit a building rendering showing the locations of all signs planned to be eligible for a grant. Multi-tenant properties are eligible for up to $2,000 per project.
    • Any alterations or changes to the project must first be approved by both the Town of Wellington Building Department and the WCMSP Board of Directors. Unapproved changes may result in the denial of grant funds. 
    • The application may be denied if the existing condition of the building requires significant repairs or restoration.
    • Approved work must be initiated within 90 days from the date the approval letter is signed. All work must be completed within six months of approval letter.
    • Extensions must be requested in writing and may be denied.
    • No applicant has the proprietary right to receive grant funds.


    Grant Applications must be submitted through Jotform, our online application system, along with all required supporting information and documentation, including: 

    • Estimate from a licensed contractor with separate costs for signs, support structures, lighting fixtures, electrical, hardware, installation, etc.  Contractor proposals or bids must be current and dated no earlier than 90 days prior to the application. 
    • Rendering or image with dimensions showing the size of the sign, placement of sign and/or awning on building, mounting height, clearance from sidewalk to bottom of sign and/or awning. Rendering should also show the wording to appear on all signage as well as material type and color. If funding for lighting is requested, rendering should also include lighting type, location, number of. 
    • Two or more photographs of the existing building, particularly all sides where signage is requested. 
    • Written approval of the project from the building owner, if leasing the building. 
    • Total project cost estimate, including installation and permit fees. 
    • Certificate of Good Standing from the Secretary of State.
    • Completed W9 form. 

    Applications must be received by 11:59 pm on the second Monday of each month to be considered for review and approval. The WCMSP Program Manager will determine if the application is complete for that month’s Board meeting (typically the third Monday of each month).