Board of Directors Meeting:  Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Kinzli Real Estate Office Conference Room – 6:00 pm


Called to order at 6:05pm by Brian

Attendees: Brian Graves, Karin Chapman, Walt Lamia, Curtis Smelker, Linda Kinzli, Anita Hardy, Sandra Wolf, Tracy Jensen, Annie Lindgren, David Moody (late), Lou Kinzli (late)


  1. Approval of Minutes from last meeting (February 21, 2018) (attached)

Motion to accept: Anita   Second: Tracy   Vote: Unanimously to accept


  1. Financial Report – Treasurer David Moody – February Financial Reports (attached and emailed)

The historical survey grant funding is expected soon, Wendy is tracking.

MS paid $750 toward painting town hall.

Conference travel bills for Annie will be coming in.

Motion to accept: Anita  Second: Karin  Vote: Unanimously to accept


  1. Committee Reports – by written submission, due to strategic planning meeting.


Concert Planning Committee: All three stage sponsors are signed up.

Annie has applied for Bohemian Foundation grant for concert.



  1. Adjourn at 6:09, continued on to Strategic Planning meeting, which lasted until 9:00pm.


Next Meeting will be April 18, 2018 at 7:00pm at the Kinzli’s Real Estate office.

Economic development committee meeting TBD.