Wellington Town Trustee Meeting- August 27th, 2019

SUBJECT: Wellington Main Streets Program presentation to the Town Trustees and Mayor from Wellington Main Streets Program Executive Director Annie Lindgren


The Wellington Main Streets Program provides monthly updates to the Town Trustees regarding on-going projects, organizational updates, events, and future plans. This update is for the months of July and August

Item 1: Consultation Services provided through DOLA

  • There has been discussion about the town hiring a consultant to help move through the DDA process, and what role Main Streets will have in that. There is opportunity for DOLA Main Street funding to go to help with the project, but would need to better define what Main Streets role in the DDA would be.

Item 2: Current projects

  • Partnership with North Forty News to get the word out about downtown Wellington: Numerous articles have been published over the last 2 months. Topics include Well-O-Rama (history, bands, event), an article about the buildings available for lease or sale in the downtown area, and article about the two new murals, and a write up about Brewfest.
  • Mural projects:
    • Train Depot Mural COMPLETED: “Wellington’s Memories and Beginnings” is a Diamond Vogel Acrylic paint on wood and metal mural, featuring the historic Wellington train depot that once stood near the mural location, and beet farming, which was a big crop at the time of Wellington’s inception. The town itself, was named after C.L. Wellington, a train conductor who helped bring the rail up to Wellington. This mural is located on the west end of 8141 1st Street, the historic lumberyard building, and is unique in that it spreads across the ends and side of 2 buildings, and includes the metal fence that runs along the west side. The mural was created by local artist, Daphne Potter, of DL Designs. The funding for this mural came from the 0.5k Wellington Fun Run fundraiser, held on April 6th, 2019, and through a very generous contribution made by building owner.
    • Knaack of It Automotive mural COMPLETED: “Reclaimed by Nature” is an Acrylic Latex on Stucco painting, featuring an old ford truck and native Colorado flowers, with the Rocky Mountains in the background. This mural is located on the East facing wall of the Knaack of it Automotive building, and the owners of the building allowed for the use of this wall for the mural. The artist, Joe Hamman, grew up in Wellington, and did this mural while home from school for the summer. He is working on his art degree at Lesley University in Cambridge MA., and will graduate in 2020. This is the second mural Joe has done for downtown Wellington, the other one is located on the Sol De Jalisco building. The paint used was donated by Sherwin Williams. The funding for this mural project came from the 2019 Wellington Brewfest fundraiser.
    • Community Mural Project: We are discussing with the owners of the Filling Station, the idea of putting a Community Mural on the south facing outside wall (that lines Cleveland Ave.). We have applied for a Grant to help fund this, and have a DOLA grant available to fund this, if we are not get the first grant. Dynamic Image is the designer and mural artist we are working with for this project. It would be a ‘WELLINGTON’ block letters filled with images that capture the past, present, and future of Wellington. We will be gathering community feedback on ideas for what to include in this mural.
  • Downtown Flower Planters: The flowers are adding color to Cleveland Ave. and 6th Street, and have received much positive feedback from the community. Unfortunately, the coordination between volunteers, and staff person, for the care of the flowers, has been more challenging than hoped, and this year’s plan is not sustainable for the future. There is too much work that goes in to maintaining the flowers and keeping them healthy, to expect volunteers to manage. The committee is preparing bids for hiring landscaping companies to help care for the flowers next year, and will bring these bids to the trustees in Sep/Oct, to see if the town is willing to help. We also learned we cannot use the DOLA minigrant funding to fund the $5000 spent for the new planters (due to payments made before the funding approval date), and so Brewfest income was used to cover this expense. 

Item 3: Events

  • 2019 Wellington Brewfest: Put on by Old Colorado Brewing Company, Soul Squared, MRockCreative, and Cantina Liquor, as a benefit for the Wellington Co Main Streets Program. The event was a huge success, with a great turn out. The amount raised at this event was $8280.05. The income went to fund the “Reclaimed by Nature” mural, the expansion of the flower planter program, merchandise to promote downtown Wellington, and an event tent for the program.
  • Well-O-Rama: August 17th from 10:00am-6:00pm in Centennial Park was a success! HUGE thanks to the town for their contributions to the event. Also had a lot of support from local businesses, sponsors, and volunteers. We are still calculating final numbers, but numbers are looking really good, and will definitely be in the green with the budget. The committee that put on the event this year, headed up by Rebekka Kinney, did a fantastic job, and the changes made from previous years were a success. We are recommending this event become an annual one. A survey has been sent out for feedback. 

Item 4: Other

  • Organizational updates: Annie Lindgren put her notice of resignation in for September 30th. The board is in the process of hiring a new Executive Director, and the job has been posted since August 13th. Applications must be in by August 23rd, and then the committee in charge of hiring will review resumes and schedule interviews, and have a job offer made by August 30th. The board is still determining whether or not it will be a full time position, or part time with assistant.
  • Changes in board members and officer positions: Vincent Gentry resigned from the board in June, and Sue Glaze, a local real estate agent and Main Streets volunteer, stepped in to fill the opening. Gary Green is now Vice President of the board, Sue Glaze is serving as Secretary (Brian Graves is still President, and Bryan Thomas Treasurer), and the board remains full at 9 members.
  • The Executive Director is out of the office at the time of this trustee meeting, so is unable to attend in person.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We welcome your questions, concerns and comments! We would love to hear from the Trustees regarding what they would like to see from this program.