By Annie Lindgren

Originally Featured in North Forty News

Summer brings the opportunity to complete street and road projects outlined in the capital improvement plan (CIP). The Town of Wellington is celebrating the completion of a project over a year in the making!

In a collaborative project with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), the Town of Wellington received approval to add flashing crosswalk signs on Cleveland Ave – Highway 1. The goal is to increase overall accessibility and safety for our community. In addition to Cleveland Ave., flashing crosswalk signs were added near the schools to create a safer route to school for kids. 

A total of twelve rectangular rapid flashing beacons were added to six crosswalks. The intersections include Rice Elementary at 3rd and Oxford at Rice Elementary, Eyestone Elementary and Wellington Middle School locations of Grant and 4th, Grant and 5th, Wilson and 4th, and downtown Wellington locations of Cleveland and 3rd and Cleveland and 5th.

Pedestrians are instructed to push the silver button to activate the crosswalk before crossing. Drivers are instructed to stop and wait for pedestrians when they see the flashing lights. As always, both pedestrians and drivers need to watch out for each other.

Even before being elected onto the Board of Trustees, Rebekka Kinney was an active member of the community who raised her concerns and engaged in the change-making process. Kinney says, “I live in Old Town Wellington and my kids and I are pedestrians on our Main Street every day. I’m so excited about the progress in crosswalk safety in Wellington. The schools now have reinforcement for safety, helping the staff during an impossible year with record-setting traffic for drop off and pickup because of covid busing restrictions. The addition of flashing crosswalk signs this year has delighted school staff and continues to urge drivers to be more aware.”

The town shares a special thank you to the Wellington Main Streets Program, Girl Scout Troop 76076, CDOT,  Town of Wellington Public Works Department, and Community members who helped shape and inform the project.

“This project was a tremendous amount of work by a great group of community leaders. It is wonderful to celebrate the completion of the new crosswalks and watch community members utilize them,” shares Kallie Cooper, Executive Director of the Wellington Main Streets Program.