Download a PDF of the September Board Meeting Minutes here.

  • Call to Order
    • 8:04am
    • Board and Staff Present: Anita, Karin, Megan, John, Tracey, Curtis, Gary, Kallie
    • Guest(s) Present: Molly Box and Sarah Braun Additions to or deletions from the agenda
  • None Conflicts of interest
    • None
  • Consent Agenda (seeking motion to approve) (3 minutes)
    • Approval of Minutes from last meeting (August 2020) (see attached)
      b. Financial Report (see attached)
      c. Committee reports and Director’s report (see attached)
      Gary moves, Karin seconds. Consent Agenda approved unanimously.
  • Board Positions/Nomination Committee – Guest Introductions
    • Molly Box and Sarah Braun have joined us as they have interest in joining the board.
      • Molly Box has lived in Wellington for about a year but has visited frequently over the last 4 years. She owns Prairie Sage Creative and is also a fine artist.
    • Sarah Braun has lived in Wellington since 2012 and worked at Old Colorado Brewing Company prior to their temporary closing last December.
  • Office Space and Move
    • We have secured a space upstairs in the old Wellington Hotel building. Kallie is looking to paint and find furniture.
    • Kallie would love help moving.
  • CARES Act Funding
    • The original request we submitted had to change based on changes sent down from the state level.
    • The new funding structure is required to be a business and nonprofit relief fund administered by the town. There is $50k for nonprofits and $250k for businesses set aside.
    • Since we received the PPP loan, we cannot apply for CARES funding to cover payroll through that mid-October mark.
    • Main Streets could do one of two things: 1: Apply for funding or 2: serve on the review committee.
      • The board has chosen to forego applying for funding and agreed that Kallie would be a valuable asset to the review committee.
  • Annual Meeting
    • Our annual meeting will be hosted at “The Barn” on Friday, November 13th.
    • There will be a 60-person limit but voting members who cannot attend will have the opportunity to vote prior to the event. General public can watch the event live online.
    • The committee is still working on food and cash bar options.
  • Design Committee – Banners
    • Banners with the town’s branding will go along 6th street
    • The Main Streets branded banners will run along Cleveland Avenue and will not be sponsored by businesses this year. This has been reflected in our annual budget.
    • The board agreed that the banners look nice and to move forward.
  • Directors Update
    • We will host DOLA at our board meeting on October 19th for their annual visit
    • The premier of the Tastemade episode featuring Wellington will be hosted at the Wellington Grill and Sparge Brewing on September 24th.
    • Trick or Treat along main street has been approved by the Town and County.
      • Plans for Cleveland closure coming from CDOT.
      • We will need about 15 volunteers to help on October 31st from 4-5:30pm to help with traffic direction.
      • We’ve received great sponsor interest and can potentially order more or higher quality bags, if we feel the need.
      • 12 business booths have registered so far. We are looking to have at least 30 booths.
    • Graduate Level Application Status Update
      • The application has been submitted and there were no changes from DOLA – looks great!
      • We did learn that we are eligible for the increase of the mini-grant funds immediately after application approval, instead of next fiscal year.
    • Food Drive
      • A member of the promotions committee brought an idea to the committee last week. She’d like to host a food drive during the month of October and have several Main Streets businesses involved. All she asked was for support from the Main Streets Program. The board agreed that if Kallie is in support, then we should help, especially if it’s not any extra work for Kallie.
  • Adjourn at 8:41am
  • Anita moves into Executive Session at 8:41am. Executive Session adjourns at 8:47 am.

The board may call an executive session if needed to discuss personnel or other private matters. Next Meeting: October 19th at 8am at Main Street office (or via zoom).