Board of Directors Meeting: September 12, 2018

Kinzli Real Estate Office Conference Room – 7:00 pm-8:57 pm

Called to order at 7:07 pm by Brian

Attendees: Brian Graves (president), Vincent Gentry, Anita Hardy, Curtis Smelker, Annie Lindgren (exec director), Karin Chapman, Kate Clifford (guest)

  1. Approval of Minutes from last meeting (July 11, 2018) (attached)

Motion to accept: Anita        Second: Vincent                Vote: Unanimously to accept

  1. Financial Report: The Board does not have a treasurer position at present. Anita will act as treasurer, while remaining as Board Vice President. Anita will offer transition assistance during the interim between Annie, Bobby, and hopefully, the role will be fulfilled by the beginning of the year.  Budget deadlines are pending. Questions regarding budget:  Anita will continue her questioning with Bobby

Anita moves approval of July and August financials, and although there are remaining questions, adjustments may be made to line items to ensure that items are coded to where they are budgeted.

Motion to accept: Anita                        Seconded: Karin               Vote: Unanimously to accept


  1. Committee Reports:
    1. Design Committee: Karin Chapman/Annie Lindgren
      1. Murals:
        1. 1 mural finished and successful ribbon cutting at Sol De Jalisco (folk art)
        2. Ribbon cutting at 10:30a at the City Hall for Our Home on the Front Range mural.
        3. Paid $500 for the rights of the image. We can make notecards/postcard for the banner art.
        4. It is well received by people of Wellington. The Town Staff are using the mural to photograph staff photo. Annite handed out press releases, who Coloradoan/Biz West/Scene Magazine
      2. Banner Program:
        1. Karin reports that the image from the second mural might be suggested to use as the art for the banners. Dynamic Images has been consulted, will be able to propose a couple of designs to consider for the banner art.  Annie is trying to figure out who she needs to talk to regarding locations for banners.  Depending on whether they are located on light or electrical poles might be xcel.  Brian noted that the Town (Jim) has an agreement with Xcel.  The Board recommends to speak with Bob or Jim at the city as an initial inquiry.
  • Christmas Decorations:
    1. Brian recommends to inquire for the town to install Christmas. Annie will inquire with Bob (Public Works Director) and Anita to communicate and organize this request.  The Board notes to consider who might be paying for them.  In the event that sponsors could be found, movement on decorations should be ordered.
  1. Economic Revalidation
    1. Survey
      1. Currently in the middle of the consultation survey, all survey data will be sent out to all business and property owners in the district. The district is slightly larger than the main street district.  Annie requests Board please fill out the survey when it arrives.   Question regarding the term “Market Leakage”.  Market Leakage is an assessment of what businesses we have in Wellington, how many, and which type and where our population goes outside of Wellington to meet market demands.  The analysis captures what we might need to capture economic development.  DOLA is paying for it, the consultation service is free for us. This survey will move us to the next step of the graduate program. There is a consultation through the DDA service as well, there is a DOLA service that we might sign up for in the future
    2. Promotions
      1. Colorado Cities and Towns is a promotion through the Facebook page recognizing different groups of service. This is the third year of this celebration.  On 9/13/18, town staff will be recognized.  Main st. and Chamber will be recognized on Friday.  Please “Like” and Share on facebook
      2. The website will be updated in the future –more up to date and user friendly (using the Timnath consultants to build out)


  • Organization
    1. Treasurer will be filled with Anita
    2. Lou has stepped down/Linda will be in his spot and finish out his tenure. Annie will find out the duration of the term

Motion to accept: Anita                        Seconded by: Karin                         Vote: Passed unanimously

  1. Suggestion for Kate to take remaining place of needed Board member. Anita has suggested that Kate should attend additional board meetings prior. Discussion followed regarding commitments of Board members and Kate’s history.

Motion to accept: Karin                        Seconded by: Anita                         Vote: Passed unanimously

  1. Jon Knack has expressed interest in the additional board member
  2. DOLA visit: they are very impressed with our artwork and impressed with the art program.


  • Directors Report
  1. Annual Dinner:
    1. November 14th @ Leeper Center is the date of preference
    2. Previously, the dinner was held at the Leeper Center (dry bar), additional details to follow
    3. Anita, Linda, Karin will work on the dinner committee
  2. Concert Recap:
    1. Not all finances are collected (breweries and KUNC), but currently, over budget. Board reviewed budget concerns.  Vendor income/Tshirt Sales were noted.
    2. October 3rd at 8:30a proposed for a concert recap
    3. Board recommends to focus on the income and expenses: What worked? What didn’t? What’s the plan of success.
    4. Discussion regarding adjustments to Concert Series:
      1. Similar to the Brewfest, Wellington Puddle Fest where ticket sales generate income. Survey results were positive from the series. Kiaser is interested in sponsoring the series
    5. Historical Survey Update: working on the reimbursement
    6. Membership sticker: Annie presented a graphic for the sticker (sponsors/members)
      1. Dynamic Image can print in house at the following rates:
    7. 250 sheet print = $1.11 / $ .73
  • 250 individual sticker =$1.21 sticker (laminate cover) / $ .83
  1. Discussion: Idea to create an additional sticker that shows the year of support.
  2. Board moves to purchase of the 250 dye cut laminate Main Street Stickers.


Motion to accept: Anita                              Second: Linda                    Vote: Passed unanimously


  1. DOLA consultation Service:
    1. February Retreat (1 day)
  2. Website
    1. MRock Creative Website redesign and estimate of $1200-$1500. (Budget is $2500)
      1. Coordination of data transfer would be done between Annie and the consultant. Annie had build the website herself (quality/functionality/ownership is reduced through a hosting service)
      2. Motion for Annie to proceed forward


Motion to accept: Karin                    Second: Kate                     Vote: Passed unanimously


  1. Budget for 2019
    1. Anita suggests that we need take a closer look within the next week to determine whether or not to adjust the overall ask.
    2. There was a motion to account for a 10% increase of budget to cover fluctuations with projected budget.
    3. Anita suggests leaning on DOLA/Mountain States Employer Council to figure our salary data/updated description in order to provide evidence for
    4. Request made to provide job descriptions in order to demonstrate additional staffing needs
    5. Motion a submit a not to exceed amount of the town of Town of Wellington Line item budget 10% to the Board

Motion to accept: Anita                              Second: Brain                    Vote: 5 Yay, 1 Nay

  1. Additional Discussion:
    1. No extension for the budget timeline, DOLA requirement. Currently, there might be additional funds to justify a raise with the budget item ($6,000)
      1. Anita with work with Annie and Brian in order
    2. Passed 5 yes, 1 nay
  • Final budget would be voted on prior to the proposal of the budget


  1. Workplan agenda item has been tabled
  2. Consideration to start this meeting earlier, at 6:30p
    1. Additional data will be gathered for the time to meet via email
  3. Anita moves we adjourn
    1. Seconded for Karin
    2. Meeting adjourned at 8:57p
Physical Address

4006 Cleveland Avenue
Wellington, CO 80549

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1021
Wellington, CO 80549




Special thanks to the Town of Wellington for their continued support of the Main Streets Program!

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