Click here to download the May 2020 Board Meeting MINUTES

  • Call to Order
    •  8:04 am via Zoom
    • Board and Staff Present: Megan, Gary, Anita, Brian, Karin, Kallie, John, Bryan and Tracey
    • Guests: Jon Gaiter
  • Additions to or deletions from the agenda
    • Updated error on item 1A – Changed March to April
    • Addition of DOLA update – Item 4C
  • Conflicts of interest
    • None
  1. Consent Agenda (seeking motion to approve) (3 minutes)
    1. Approval of Minutes from last meeting (April, 2020) (see attached)
    2. Financial Report (see attached)
    3. Committee reports and Director’s report (see attached)
      Gary moves to approve Consent Agenda; John Seconds. Motion passes unanimously.
  2. Well-o-Rama (5 minutes)
    1. Kallie is working with the committee, Chris K (music booking) and Overland Sertoma to cut costs.
    2. As of now, planning to make a final decision on the event around June 15th.
    3. One request from the committee includes to allow local businesses to host a free vendor booth instead of some of the other sponsorship benefits.
  3. Strategic Plan – Survey from Matt Ashby (5 minutes)
    1. In an interest of saving time and being more efficient, Matt Ashby and Ayers Associates have created a survey regarding the direction our strategic plan. Kallie will be sending that survey today (5/18) and requests that all the directors please complete within a week.
  4. Directors Update (10 minutes)
    1. Some of the current things going on: Show Your Mask Challenge, Serve 6.8 fundraiser, Virtual Business Think Tank Networking Event on 5/29, Window Decorating in June and the new mural unveiling on 5/22.
  5. Reminder for May 22nd Meeting
    1. The May 22nd meeting was a misunderstanding. Please disregard.
  6. NoCo Recovers Board
    1. Kallie is requesting that the board consider allowing her to join the NoCo Recovers board as the current appointee, Michelle Vance, will be leaving her position on June 1.
    2. Anita will check in with Kelly Houghteling regarding the process of that appointment. Overall, the board agrees that Kallie would be a good fit for that temporary board.
  7. DOLA Update
    1. Kallie presented some recent updates from DOLA including:
      1. Mini grant funding available on a 5-year contract basis. Should we request more than the allotted $5k per year, we will need to ensure good standing through that yearly funding. For example, should we request $15k in 1 year, we would need to be in good standing for 3 years, otherwise those funds would need to be repaid.
      2. Scholarship funding available on a 5-year contract basis, similar to mini grant funding.
  8. Guest Questions
    1. Jon Gaiter, Town of Wellington Trustee had the following questions/comments for the board:
      1. How can we help encourage downtown residents to spruce up their properties?
        1. As a program, we have talked about potentially doing something along the lines of a competition or incentive program.
        2. Tracey mentioned potentially getting youth involved; maybe through the Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County.
        3. Karin (design committee) and Jon are going to connect about next steps.
    2. Jon runs a weekly podcast on his Trustee Facebook page and is interested in partnering with local businesses. He’d like a way to connect with the local businesses and have them join him on a podcast. Can Main Streets help facilitate that connection?
      1. This would be something that the Promotions committee could help facilitate. Megan will get on the agenda for Wednesday’s committee meeting (5/20)
      2. Jon is also encouraged to work with the Chamber as their footprint includes all of Wellington.
  9. Adjourn
    1. Megan moves to adjourn at 8:41am. John seconds. Motion passes unanimously.
    2. Anita moves into Executive Session at 8:41am. Executive Session adjourns at 9:04am.