Board of Directors Meeting:  Wednesday, March 19th, 2019

Members Present:     Brian Graves, Karin Chapman, Curtis Smelker, Linda Kinzli, Annie Lindgren, Tracey Jensen, Kate Clifford

Guests Present:     Ed Cannon, Town Liaison; Gary Green, Wellington Fire Department; Bryan Thomas, Meridian Trust

  • Meeting called to order: 6:01pm by Brian
  • No Additions/Deletions from the agenda
  • No Conflicts of Interest
  • Accepting of minutes, financial report, and director update from February
    • Membership Committee minutes added to the consent agenda
    • Motion of approval: Karin
    • Seconded: Linda
    • No Further Discussion
    • Approved by all
  • Other
    • Ed Cannon:
      • 4/8/19: Economic Development Committee
      • 5:00p: Meet and Greet for the Economic Development candidate, invitation and resume forthcoming
    • Design Committee Collaboration with Town
      • The Design Committee has reached out for the town involvement
      • Further information regarding the planter initiative is also requested
      • Ed will provide guidance with who might attend the design committee meetings moving forward
      • MOU to be sent out in the draft form in two weeks
      • Ed requested a meeting to discuss office space with Annie and Kacy
  • Staffing
    • Shane Armstrong has expressed interest,
      • is not able to commit to regular office hours.
      • he is requesting $25/hour @ 15 hours a week.
    • Objective to acquire staffing in April
  • Bylaws
    • Compliance Concerns regarding nomination of Board Members
      • Option 1: Recognize that Bylaws were not followed in the election of Curtis Smelker’s seat, and make omissions for redoing it correctly in November
      • Option 2: Redo presently according to By Laws
      • Discussion:
        • For the purposes of voting, board members should be an odd number
      • Motion made by Tracy to recognize that the previous election regarding Curtis’ seat did not follow accurate Bylaw procedures. In the fall, the Board position that Curtis’ occupies will be up for election again, and the nominations committee will follow the Bylaws in order to move forward within the governance of the established election process.
        • Second: Linda
        • No Further Discussion
        • Approved by All
    • Bylaws Update:
      • Working document to be shared with all edits finalized for Board review. After Board review, will go out the membership for acceptance
      • Anticipate the documents ready for our review before next month
  • Open Board Positions
    • Motion made by Karin to increase the number of the Board seats to meet at odd number by reopening the seat previously held by Anita. This position would fill the duration of Anita’s term.
      • Seconded by Linda
      • Discussion: None
      • Approved by All
    • Motion made by Linda to fill the vacant treasurer position previously held by Sandy to Bryan Thomas.
      • Seconded by Karin
      • Discussion: Bryan Thomas, present at the meeting, would be honored to be considered for the work.
      • Approved by All
    • Motion made by Tracy to fill the open Board Director seat to Gary Green.
      • Seconded by Linda
      • Discussion: Gary is on board!
      • Approved by All
  • Membership Committee Ideas:
    • Conversations regarding collaboration with Chamber and Main St. in order to benefit both parties membership and provide the community clarity of the organizations
  • Upcoming Events:
    • .5k Volunteer Opportunities:
      • Kate, Tracey, Linda, Gary, Karin, Annie will be present
      • Annie will work to secure a badge of sort to recognize Board Members
    • Save the Date
      • Brewfest: June 1st
      • Well-O-Rama: August 17th
  • Others (cont’d):
    • Workshop with CDOT to offer a balance for all the stakeholders of the state and local agencies. The Board recognizes the importance for the assistance in these conversations, but we won’t request an additional consultant.
      AARP Grant will be worked on by Vicent, Brian, and Kate
    • Office is closed all next week
    • Curtis shared out his takeaways from the recent CDOT meeting
    • Kate discussed developing board agreements and shared language to assist with high functioning board meetings as part of her contribution to the organizational committee
  • Meeting Adjourned at 7.23p


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4006 Cleveland Avenue
Wellington, CO 80549

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1021
Wellington, CO 80549




Special thanks to the Town of Wellington for their continued support of the Main Streets Program!

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