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  • Call to Order
    • 8:09 am
    • In Attendance: Gary Green, Karin Chapman; Curtis Smelker, Brian Graves, Kallie Cooper. Anita Hardy, Bryan Thomas, and Tracey Jensen in attendance via conference call.
  • Additions to or deletions from the agenda
    • Additions:
      • Strategic Planning Session/DDA Update (2A)
      • February 2nd Meeting Follow-up (5B)
      • COVID-19 Updates (7B)
    • Conflicts of interest
      • None
  • Consent Agenda (seeking motion to approve)
    • Approval of Minutes from last meeting (Feb, 2020)
    • Financial Report
    • Committee reports and Director’s report
    • Anita asked for clarification on Promotion Committee Minutes item “Hosting events outside of program area.” Kallie clarified that the question was in regard to hosting outreach events at Sparge Brewing. Gary made a comment that he thought it was a good idea in order to reach people outside of our program area.
    • Brian G. makes a motion to approve the agenda; John seconds; Motion passes unanimously
  • Strategic Planning Session/DDA Update
    • Matt Ashby will be working with Anita and Kallie to update the Pickaxe Project Narrative. The final wording will be brought before the Board of Directors for approval in April.
    • Kallie is seeking approval to follow-up with the Town Administrator regarding Main Streets assistance with the DDA. It is the recommendation of the Financial Sustainability Committee that the Town Trustees submit an official request to Anita Hardy if they would like Main Streets assistance in contracting a DDA Consultant.
    • Gary makes a motion to allow the Executive Director to reach out to the Town Administrator to follow up on the DDA Facilitation meeting and ask that the Main Streets Board of Directors receive an official request from the Board of Trustees to hire a DDA Consultant through DOLA; John seconds; Motion passes unanimously.
  • ByLaws Amendments Approval
    • Action Item: Kallie will post the updated bylaws on Google Drive to allow everyone to make necessary edits.
    • (A5, S3) Add “on social media” to list of delivery methods. Take out 2nd sentence “If emailed…delivery errors.”
  • Board Position Open
    • Nominations to fill Board of Directors Board seat – Gary nominates Megan Larson for the Main Streets Board of Directors; Tracey seconds; Motion pass unanimously
    • Action Item: Anita will reach out to Megan regarding the Board appointment
    • Kallie will invite interested parties to attend Board of Directors meetings in the future
    • The Board of Directors will wait until the April Board meeting to appoint a new Secretary once we have full Board
  • BOD – Memorandum of Understanding – Action Item: Please send your signed copy to Anita by the next Board meeting.
  • February 2nd Meeting Follow-Up
    • Gary will withhold a motion by request from the Town Administrator regarding personnel issues.
    • No further actions will be taken at this time.
  • Committee Assignments –
    • Committee assignments were reviewed. All Board members MUST serve on a committee to remain on the Board.
    • Erin Rambler will be joining the Design Committee
  • Internal Processes
    • WMSP need for computer and software

    • Action Item: Kallie and Brian Graves will research computers and best software to purchase for use by the program Executive Director and any future employees.
  • Update on TasteMade Visit/COVID-19 Update
    • Tastemade had to cancel due to growing concerns over travel due to the COVID-19 virus
    • Kallie will be the point of contact for business support
    • Kallie will be working from home several days over the next few weeks due to school shut-downs. Will be available via phone and email.
    • 0.5K event will be postponed
    • Kallie will be cancelling the “Front Porch Friday Happy Hour” event at Soul Squared.
  • 10. Adjourn
    • 9:09 am

The board may call an executive session if needed to discuss personnel or other private matters.

Next Meeting: April 20, 2020 8am at Main Street office.

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