Click here to download the June 2020 Board Meeting MINUTES

  • Call to Order
    • 8:02am
    • Board and Staff Present: Tracey, Gary, John, Megan, Anita, Curtis and Kallie
  • Additions to or deletions from the agenda
    • Requested addition to the agenda: Flower planters
  • Conflicts of interest
    • None
  1. Consent Agenda (seeking motion to approve) (3 minutes)
    a. Approval of Minutes from last meeting (May, 2020) (see attached)
    b. Financial Report (see attached)
    c. Committee reports and Director’s report (see attached)
    – Gary moves to approve Consent Agenda. John seconds. Unanimously passes.
  2. Well-o-Rama (5 minutes)
    a. County Guidelines are limiting to 50 people through 6/30
    – Committee is recommending cancellation.
    – Should we explore the option of hosting a virtual or alternative event, like a drive-in concert?
    b. Discussion around logistics and either going all-or-nothing for the event.
    – Gary moves to cancel Well-O-Rama. Megan seconds. Unanimously passes.
  3. Strategic Plan – Survey from Matt Ashby (5 minutes)
    – Kallie reminded everybody who hasn’t taken the survey to please do so. There are 2
  4. Town Clean Up Day (5 minutes)
    – Kallie is seeking permission from the board to explore a town clean-up day in partnership with
    – CAC has some extra funds available from the cancellation of events (Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of
    July) that they’d like to put toward a town-wide clean up.
    – While Main Streets is mainly concerned with the area within the boundaries, a town-wide clean
    up would be beneficial, especially to do it before TaseMade comes back in July/August.
    – Board agrees that Kallie can explore getting that clean-up going.
  5.  Flower Planters (addition)
    – Tracey mentioned that some of the flower planters, especially along 6th street, are in rough
    – Kallie has spoken with the flower contractor and they will be out to replace any dead flowers
    today (6/15)
  6. DOLA Scholarship Fund (5 minutes)
    – Since the national conference was cancelled, Main Streets has $1,600 left to use by June 30,
    – There is a professional window display expert who is working with Windsor Main Streets to do
    individual business consultations. We could potentially ask her to come to Wellington to meet
    with business owns who would benefit from her services. Board agrees that’s a good option.
    – Another option, in addition to the window displays, is to have Kallie choose some trainings that
    she could do between now and June 30th that would benefit her and the program, like
    QuickBooks. Kallie is going to explore trainings.
  7. TasteMade Visit Return July/August (5 minutes)
    – TasteMade will be back late July/early August to continue the work they were doing before the
    COVID-19 outbreak.
  8. Directors Update (10 minutes)
    – In addition to the director’s report, Kallie mentioned that, of the 20 gift cards given out during the
    “Show Your Mask Challenge,” 9 had been redeemed. The total amount, in gift cards, was $45
    with an actual return of $175 to Main Streets businesses.
    – In our previous meeting, the board agreed to appoint Kallie to the Larimer County Economic
    Development Partnership committee, to fill Michelle Vance’s vacancy. After attending a meeting,
    Kallie recognized that this membership would be out of her scope or experience and she has
    given that membership back to Kelly Houghteling and town staff.
  9. Adjourn
    – Meeting adjourned at 8:37am.

The board may call an executive session if needed to discuss personnel or other private matters.
Next Meeting: July 20, 2020 8:00 am at Main Street Office.