Board of Directors Meeting:  Wednesday, July 11, 2018 Kinzli Real Estate Office Conference Room – 7:00 pm-9:00pm


Called to order at 7:04 pm by Brian

Attendees: Brian Graves (president), Walt Lamia, Vincent Gentry, Anita Hardy, Curtis Smelker, Lou Kinzli, Annie Lindgren (exec director), Lin Litton (guest)


  1. Approval of Minutes from last meeting (June 13, 2018) (attached) Motion to accept: Vince Second: Lou Vote: Unanimously to accept


  1. Financial Report – Pending, will send out to the board once available

There was discussion of the timeliness of financial reports being available for Board meetings so that good decisions can be made on budget and expenditures questions. Annie is no longer entering transactions in QuickBooks, turning this over to Bobby Brannock, CPA.


  1. Committee Reports
    1. Design: Karin Chapman/Annie Lindgren- Town Hall Mural, Sol De Jalisco building mural 7:14

Mural installation delayed by problems with anti-graffiti coatings. Artist is testing other products to re-coat mural, target for installation is August.

Troy Hammon’s son is presenting a proposal to do a paint a mural on the Sol De Jalisco building. The design committee will meet to consider the draft images when they are ready.

Brian received interest from the B-N track director about supporting a railroad-themed mural for the old lumber yard building on 1st St.

  1. Economic Revitalization: Vincent Gentry- Meeting with Town and Chamber regarding MOU for Economic Development


The ER committee is waiting for the MoU from the town to proceed. Meeting planned for next month.

  1. Promotions: Brian Graves/Sandra Wolf- 4th of July Parade, Historical tour, Concert, Pickaxe (discussion below), Promotional video


July 4th parade was a big success.

Approx. 80 people participated in the walking tour of the historical survey buildings.

Promo’s for the July concert are going out on social media. An article written by Annie appeared in the July N40N. The Town/WMSP/WFPD LED sign is still under repair and not available for promotion.

Lou made suggestion to consider banners to promote events that could be suspended over Cleveland Ave. No action taken.

The Ft. Collins video production company being considered for the joint promotional video production did not video the parade. Their price after including extras turned out to be higher than Eagle Eye Media (Shannon’s) bid. Chamber made decision to go with Eagle Eye.

  1. Organization: Anita Hardy/Walt Lamia- Treasurer opening, and 2 board Strategic Plan draft review. Hired Terri Thompson for 10 hours a week.


Travis Harless has moved out of town and resigned from board. David Moody has resigned from the board, making the Treasurer office open. Annie has asked the Town to assign a liason to the the WMSP Board but has not received a response.



Lin Litton, a Blue FCU employee and long time town resident, attended as a visitor interested in a Board position and was introduced to the Board. She will schedule a meeting with Annie to discuss the Treasurer office position. Kate Clifford, active in many town activities, has also expressed interest in the Board.

Terri is very helpful to Annie in getting caught up with work backups.

The Org. Committee met to review the report received from Ayres Associates. Several corrections were made that will be communicated by Annie back to Ayres.


  1. Director’s Report 7:38

July concert does not have many WMSP volunteers to help. More assistance is requested.

Lou commented on the small size of sponsors’ logos on the poster and flyers, suggesting that they be larger.

  • Historical survey and walk recap

80+ participants, which made hearing presentations difficult. Copies of report are being delivered to business owners, and a copy given to town library. Findings will be used for consideration of design guidelines.

  • Pickaxe review discussion

Good turnout at the data collection meetings. Pickaxe talked to ~8 business owners. Report has been received, with recommendations on consistent branding standards, typefaces, updated logo graphics; and how to talk to 5 key entities. Walt suggested that the design or promotion committees consider how to implement changes in logo design and typefaces. Lou suggested using demographic data from a report distributed at Board meeting be used when designing communications campaigns.

  • Brewfest income: $6532.47

Symbolic check presentation was made at the June concert.

Organizers considering repeating event on June 2, 2019. Lots of positive feedback about the stress-free friendly atmosphere of the brewfest, compared to events in other towns. Complaints about dog waste in the park will be addressed by having pickup bags available, or possible restrictions on allowing dogs in the venue.

  • Promotional video 1/3 cost would be $1650

The WMSP share would be higher than the previously approved budget. Motion was made to authorize up to $1650 for video:

Moved: Curtis Second: Vince Vote: Unanimous to approve

  • DDA training August 16th at 10:30am in Fort Collins. Who is attending? Interest from Brian, Annie, Curtis, Walt, Vince
  • Director out of the office July 23-August 6th. Terri will be in on Tuesdays and Thursdays for up to 10 hours a

Terri and Brian will cover during absence.


  1. Other

Lou expressed interest in seeing a town rodeo event.


  1. Adjourn at 8:14


Next Meeting: August 8, 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Kinzli’s Real Estate office Economic Development committee meeting at 6:00 pm

Physical Address

4006 Cleveland Avenue
Wellington, CO 80549

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1021
Wellington, CO 80549




Special thanks to the Town of Wellington for their continued support of the Main Streets Program!

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