Board of Directors Meeting: Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Members Present: Karin, Sandra, Linda, Annie, Tracey, Vincent, Kate

Guests Present: Ed Cannon, Town Liaison

                             Sheryl Trent, Facilitator


  • Meeting called to order: 3:07 p by Kate
  • Accepting of minutes, financial report, and director update from November
    • Motion of approval: Karin
    • Seconded: Sandra
  • Vincent joined the meeting and ran the rest of the meeting
  • Confirmation of the ED of WMSP Bonus being $1,000.
    • Motion of approval: Vincent
    • Seconded: Linda
    • All Approved
  • Terri’s (Assistant to the WMSP) hourly wage would increase to meet minimum wage standards
  • ED position has previously been a salaried position.  The proposed change is to shift the position to hourly at 100 hours/month.
    • Motion of approval: Tracey
    • Seconded: Vincent
    • All Approved
    • Discussion: There has been investigation regarding hiring a consultant or a deputy director.  The division of labor and new roles would ideally begin in March. Concerns regarding Annie’s workload, so the change from salary to hourly would occur effective Jan. 1.  Terri would stay on at her established schedule.
  • ED Position cont’d:  Pending the hiring of the deputy director, the roles, salaries, and hours would be reviewed and adjusted accordingly.  Additional conversation regarding this topic to be had in further board meetings (tabled for Jan meeting).
  • Meeting Adjourned at 3:27p
    • Motion to adjourn: Karin
    • Seconded: Tracey