Click here to download the February 2020 Board Meeting MINUTES

  • Call to Order
    • 8:03 am
    • In Attendance: Anita Hardy, Bryan Thomas, Gary Green, Tracey Jensen, Karin Chapman; Curtis Smelker at 8:30 am
  • Additions to or deletions from the agenda
    • Deletions: #3 Bylaws Amendments Approval – postponed until March 2020 Board Meeting
    • Additions:
      • Event Permit and Liquor License for 0.5K and Brewfest
      • Reminder of the February 24th Strategic Planning Session and DDA Discussion with the Town Trustees
      • Board Retreat Minutes Approval
  • Conflicts of interest
    • None
  • Consent Agenda (seeking motion to approve) (5 minutes)
    • Approval of Minutes from last meeting (Jan, 2020) (see attached)
    • Financial Report (see attached)
    • Committee reports and Director’s report (see attached)
      • Bryan makes a motion to approve the agenda; Tracey seconds; Motion passes unanimously
  • Meeting Time/Place Changes (5 minutes)
    • Board of Directors meeting will be moved to the third Wednesday at 8:00 am at the Main Streets office.
    • Gary makes a motion to approve the new meeting time for the Board Directors; Brian seconds; Motion passes unanimously
  • ByLaws Amendments Approval (15 minutes)
  • Committee Assignments (10 minutes)
    • New Committee for Main Street Market
    • The Board of Directors will discuss Board Member Representation in Main Streets committees as part of the Bylaw approval in March.
    • Karin Chapman expressed interest in serving as the Board Member representation on the Main Street Market committee
    • Karin Chapman makes a motion to approve the formation of a Main Street Market Committee; Brian seconds, Motion passes unanimously.
  • Internal Processes (5 minutes)
    • Meeting Minute Posting
      • Main Street Board Meeting Minutes will be posted on the website following Board approval the following month.
      • January minutes will be posted on February 17th
    • WMSP Representative vs. Resident – Staying Neutral
      • Main Streets staff and Board Members must remain neutral in all political matters and affiliations when acting on behalf of the Main Streets organization.
      • ACTION ITEM: Kallie will be sending out a revised Main Streets social media policy document to be reviewed by the Board.
  • Chamber After Hours Request (5 minutes)
    • Main Streets will host the next Chamber Business After Hours event on March 12th from 5:30 – 7:30 pm at the Main Streets office
    • ACTION ITEM: Kallie will notify Linda Kinzli and send out a calendar invite
  • Event Funds from 0.5k and BrewFest (5 minutes)
    • Fundraising from the 0.5K will be directed towards the Crosswalk project on Cleveland Ave as well as outdoor furniture in downtown Wellington.
    • ACTION ITEM: Kallie will be submitting a write-up for Annie Lindgren to add to her article in North Forty News.
  • IRA Policy Approval (5 minutes)
    • Item #8 is moved to Executive Session.
  • Other:
    • Board Retreat Minutes Approval
      • Karin makes a motion to approve the minutes from the January Board Retreat; Bryan seconds the motion; Motion passes unanimously.
    • Event Permit and Liquor License for .5K and Brewfest
      • The event committees for the 0.5K Fun Run and Wellington Brewfest have made a request to the Main Streets Board to partner with the events by applying for the special event permit and liquor license through the State.
      • Gary makes a motion to apply for the permit and liquor license for the 0.5K Fun Run and Wellington Brewfest; Tracey seconds the motion; Motion passes unanimously.
      • ACTION ITEM: The Board of Directors directs the Financial Sustainability Committee to discuss these events and meet with the committees to decide how to proceed with Main Streets involvement with these events in the future.
  • Adjourn
    • 9:16 am

The board may call an executive session if needed to discuss personnel or other private matters.

Next Meeting: March 16, 2020 8:00 am at Main Street office.

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