Board of Directors Meeting: Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Members Present:      Karin, Sandra, Linda, Brian, Annie, Tracey, Vincent, Anita, Kate

Guests Present:         Ed Cannon, Town Liaison

                                    Gary Green, Prospective Board Member


  • Meeting called to order: 6:03 p
  • Accepting of minutes, financial report, and director update from November
    • Motion of approval: Vince
    • Seconded: Karin
  • Board positions available and board size:
    • So long as serving members are active and interested, there isn’t an interest in growing the board size at this time.
    • Curtis Smelker was nominated to continue his term on the board
      • Motion: Sandra
      • Seconded: Tracey
    • Election of Officers
      • Brian Graves elected as President
        • Motion: Linda
        • Seconded: Sandra
        • Approved unanimously
      • Vincent Gentry elected as Vice President
        • Motion: Linda
        • Seconded: Karin
        • Approved unanimously
      • Sandra Wolfe elected as Treasurer
        • Motion: Vince
        • Seconded: Tracey
        • Approved unanimously
      • Kate Clifford elected as Secretary
        • Motion: Sandra
        • Seconded: Tracey
        • Approved unanimously
      • Ed Cannon:
        • Ed introduced his role as the town liaison in order to clarify roles of the Town/Main Streets/Chamber of Commerce
        • MOU to be created in order to delineate areas of concentration so as to avoid duplication of effort
        • Action Item: Group of WMSP to meet with Ed and his team to consolidate efforts made by Town and WMSP
        • DDA Update: Goal is to establish a DDA in Wellington by 2020 (see handout given by Ed for further definition of the purpose of the DDA)
      • Sheryl Trent:
        • Sheryl Trent will facilitate the WMSB Retreat
        • Date: 1/9/18 from 3p – 8p
        • Action Item: Please provide Sheryl with response to the survey and the Results of the Strengthsfinder test prior to the Board Retreat
      • Concert Planning Committee update:
        • Rebekka Kinney shared the recent developments of the concert committee planning sessions (see 12/12 Agenda for specifics)
        • Board Discussion notes:
          • Anita reminded that the aims of the concert committee is to act as vehicle in order to carry forward our mission of WMSP
          • The notion was presented to shift from the fundraiser mentality and develop the sponsorship strategy further
          • This committee will pilot the use of Slack as a communication and collaboration tool, in order to provide data for a February demo to the Board
        • Directors Update:
          • Annie reminded of the time or membership renewal
          • Annie will contribute to a monthly article in the North Forty as the voice of Wellington Main Streets Board (to coordinate with the communications office of the city)
          • 5k from DOLA Minigrant–ideas for use?
          • Board needs to think of Goals to work on/Workplan 2019
          • .5k and Brewfest are a fundraiser for Main Streets. Do we want to allocate these funds to a particular purpose? For now general fund, but can discuss specific purpose options.
        • Regular Meeting Adjourned at 8:00p
          • Motion to adjourn: Karin
          • Seconded: Sandra
Physical Address

4006 Cleveland Avenue
Wellington, CO 80549

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1021
Wellington, CO 80549




Special thanks to the Town of Wellington for their continued support of the Main Streets Program!

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