Board of Directors Meeting: August 14th, 2019

  • Call to Order
    • August 14, 2019 6:03pm
    • Gary Green (left at 6:57pm), Karin Chapman, Curtis Smelker, Annie Lindgren, Kallie Cooper (left at 7:26pm), Brian Graves & Sue Glaze
      6:12pm Linda Kinzli
  • Additions to or deletions from the agenda
    • #4 Strike out discussion on Main Streets program boundaries #9 Brewfest Grant & DOLA Grant
      Conflicts of interest None
  • Consent Agenda (seeking motion to approve)
    • Approval of Minutes from last meeting (July, 2019) (attached)
    • Financial Report – August reports (attached)
    • July Committee reports and Director’s report (see attached)
    • Curtis made motion to approve minutes, financial report and committee/director reports.
      • Seconded by Karin; motion passed unanimously
  • Main Streets Happy Hour (5 minutes)
    • Happy Hour from September will be postponed until after the new ED is hired. Looking at October. Sue will cancel the September date with Sarah at OCB and get new date set.
  • Well-O-Rama update and request for volunteers (5 minutes)
    • Need to get more volunteer help from volunteers and board members. Need to work on program to get more volunteers from members.
  • Discussion regarding Main Streets program boundaries (10 minutes)
  • DDA DOLA Consultant Request (10 minutes)
    • Round Table meeting – Board to attend meeting to decide what kind of funding mechanism organization can be put in place. Grant conduit, funding guides need to be established. Town is taking the lead in the DDA. Consulting funding, we could apply for if we determine what is best for the program. Could be some educational opportunities.
  • ED Job Description Approval for posting (10 minutes)
    • Full time or part time positions was discussed. Decision was not made. Agreed to have a special board meeting to discuss the position and hiring requirements. Position posted and will expire on Friday 8/23/19. Interview committee will meet on Monday 8/26/19 to go over resumes and set up interviews.
      • Sub Committee to complete interviews
        • Interview committee was established. Linda Kinzli, Tracey Jenson, Gary Green, Sue Glaze & Wendy Dubord
  • Main Streets Credit Card (5 minutes)
    • Linda put in a motion to get a Chase credit card with benefits. Seconded by Karin; motion passed unanimously
  • September Training Opportunities (5 minutes)
    • Opportunity for the new ED to go to the training. Decision needs to be made if we are sending them and get them signed up.
  • Brewfest Income and DOLA Grant updated
    • Brewfest income was $8,490.05. Board learned that the $5,000 Dola grant could not use toward the flower planters due to timeline of expenses paid.. Curtis made motion to re-budget $5000 of the money from Brewfest, to the Flower Planter Program, and Linda seconded. Approved Unanimously. The DOLA mini grant can be used for mural #3.
  • Flowerpot Watering / Deadheading Update (5 minutes)
    • Kevin from Cottonwood landscapes will come weekly – Kallie to get quotes for maintenance next year.
  • Mural Update (5 minutes)
    • Main Streets completed two and working on a third to go on Filling Station building and will be a community involvement in the decision of the design. Welcome to Wellington mural. We have two grant funding options to cover this. The DOLA mini grant can be used for mural #3.
  • Other (3 minutes each)
    • Committee Roster – Sue put in motion to approve. Seconded by Linda: motion passes unanimously.
    • CSU Resource – graduate level program that is interested in doing assessments and volunteer work with the Main Streets community. This could start in January.
    • Senator Cory Gardner to visit Wellington on Thursday 8/15/19 at 10:0am.
  • Adjourn 7:35pm

The board may call an executive session if needed to discuss personnel or other private matters.

Next Meeting: September 11th, 2019 at 6:00p at Kinzli Real Estate office.