Download a PDF of the August Board Meeting Minutes here.

  • Call to Order
    • 8:04am
    • Board and Staff Present: Anita, Karin, Megan, John, Brian G, Tracey, Kallie
    • Guest(s) Present: Ashley Macdonald, Wellington Fire Protection District
  • Additions to or deletions from the agenda
    • None
  • Conflicts of interest
    • Megan indicated that she is a co-owner and chair of Wellington Brewfest. This is relevant to our later discussion.
  1. Consent Agenda (seeking motion to approve) (3 minutes)
    1. Approval of Minutes from last meeting (July, 2020) (see attached)
    2. Financial Report (see attached)
    3. Kallie indicated that the Bohemian Foundation grant will be moved from sponsorship to grant funds.
  2. Committee reports and Director’s report (see attached)
    1. Karin moved, John 2nd. Consent agenda passes unanimously.
  3. LED Light Sign – Ashley McDonald (10 minutes)
    1. Ashley gave a brief history on the LED sign, including the ongoing issues with power and parts being obsolete. Main Streets contributed to the purchase of this sign, in conjunction with the Fire Protection District and the Town of Wellington. The sign needs a new power source and has asked if the Town is interested in funding that new source. She has not heard back.
    2. Ashley will circle back with the town regarding their interest in helping fund this project.
    3. Kallie will look into t he CARES Act funding, to see if this is something that could be funded through that.
  4. PPP Loan Update (5 minutes)
    1. Those funds have been received and we anticipate that 100% of those will be forgivable
    2. The loan was funded through Points West
  5. Revitalization Grant Update (5 minutes)
    1. Kelly Houghteling, interim Town Administrator, asked that Main Streets access funds through the CARES act rather than the CDOT Revitalization Grant.
    2. Kallie presented a draft plan for how much funds we would request under the CARES Act.
    3. Main Streets needs to formalize a proposal and submit before the September 8th deadline.
    4. The board agreed that we would vote via email on this matter, due to the truncated timeline.
  6. Brewfest and 0.5k Discussion (15 minutes)
    1. Kallie indicated that, after some research, the holder of the liquor license for these events needs to benefit from the sale of the alcohol.
    2. Megan asked for documentation regarding those laws. John would also like to see that documentation. Anita will provide documentation when she has it.
  7. Trick or Treat on Main Street – Approval to submit to Larimer County
    1. This event is a joint event with the a joint event with the Chamber. Chamber and will need approval and will need approval from the County due to COVID.
    2. Kallie put together a Kallie put together a draft draft plan to submit for approval.
    3. The board agreed that we’d like to move forward with this event, with the plans Kallie put in place
    4. Kallie will submit the plans tie will submit the plans to the county.
  8. Board Positions/Nomination Committee (5 minutes)
    1. We know of one opening on the board – with a potential for up to 4 in 2021.
    2. We’re looking for people to serve on a nomination committee. That committee is responsible for recruitment, gathering interest and meeting with applicants.
    3. Tracey, Megan and Anita will serve on that committee and we’ll be developing a simple application form to get to know those interested on the front-end.
  9. Graduate Program Checklist – Approval of Supporting Documents (15 minutes)
    1. Strategic Plan
    2. Short discussion on the DDA item.
    3. MOU with Town
    4. Volunteer Award Program
    5. Succession Plan
      1. The board will approve the succession plan via email. The board will approve the succession plan via email.
      2. Tracey moved to approve. Karin 2nd. Approved by all
  10. Annual Meeting (10 minutes)
    1. Usually happens in November but given the current environment, we’re not sure if we re not sure if we can host in person.
    2. Let’s see if last year’s committee is interested in helping again this year and explore some larger venues.
  11. Adjourn at 9:17am
    1. Anita moves into Executive Session at
    2. Anita moves into Executive Session at 9:189:18am. Executive Session adjourns at 9:am. Executive Session adjourns at

The board may call an executive session if needed to discuss personnel or other private matters. Next Meeting: September 21, 2020 8am at Main Street office (or via zoom).