Board of Directors Meeting:  Wednesday, April 19th, 2019

Members Present:     Karin, Linda, Annie, Tracey, Kate, Gary, Bryan, Brian

Guests Present:     None

  • Meeting called to order: 6:02pm by Bryan
  • Arbor Day Volunteers was deleted from the agenda
  • Agenda items of Membership Committee Update and 2nd Historic Survey to be added to ‘Other’ portion of the agenda
  • No Conflicts of Interest
  • Accepting of minutes, financial report, and director update from February
    • Questions regarding the financial report format will be held offline between executive director, board members and accountant
    • Motion of approval: Tracey
    • Seconded: Linda
    • No Further Discussion
    • Approved by al
  • Staffing
    • Executive Director position will be sent digitally to Board members for review
    • Job description of a part time assistance will be shared out for review to the board.  Position will be shared on digital media and word of mouth.  Board can sit as an interview committee.  Kate can help with the interview committee.
  • By Laws
    • Please review and markup to make amendments for the next board meeting
    • Amendments to the By Laws were made in the Purpose, Open Seats, and Membership Levels sections were made.
    • Membership Committee will discuss and bring forward ideas to the board
  • Planter Program Expansion Proposal
    • The Board voted in affirmation to expand the program by email previous to the meeting
    • Plans have been submitted to Trustees
    • Monies for the program expansion were acquired from a grant
  • Mural on lumber building
    • Annie will inform the Board on the final amount of funds raised from the Fun Run
    • Board agreed unanimously that all funds raised from the .5k will go toward the mural
  • Market Leakage Analysis Reschedule
    • Annie will promote communication of the rescheduling communication online and through her networks.
  • Downtown Streets Workshop–Platteville, May 7th:
    • If interested in attending, please email Tracey
  • Others (cont’d):
    • Tracey, Bryan, Linda, Vincent, and Brian were all interested in being Brewfest volunteers.  Please contact Annie if you need a shirt
  • Meeting Adjourned at 7.30p


Physical Address

4006 Cleveland Avenue
Wellington, CO 80549

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1021
Wellington, CO 80549




Special thanks to the Town of Wellington for their continued support of the Main Streets Program!

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