Click here to download the April 2020 Board Meeting MINUTES

  • Call to Order
    • 8:09 am via Zoom
    • Present: Karin, Curtis, John, Tracey, Anita, Brian G., Gary, Kallie
  • Additions to or deletions from the agenda
    • None
  • Conflicts of interest
    • None

1. Consent Agenda (seeking motion to approve) (3 minutes)

  • Approval of Minutes from last meeting (Mar, 2020) (see attached)
    • Financial Report (see attached)
    • Committee reports and Director’s report (see attached)
      • John makes a motion to approve the agenda; Karin seconds the agenda; motion passes unanimously

2. Update from Anita (15 minutes)

  • Tracey makes a motion to move into Executive Session; John seconds; motion passes unanimously

3. Office Space (10 minutes)

  • Underlying issues for a few of the Board members have been addressed. We will move forward with the shared office space.

4. Board Position Open (5 minutes)

  • Appointment of Secretary
  • Karin nominates Megan Larson; Tracey seconds the nomination; all in favor. Megan accepts the position of WCMSP Board Secretary

5. ByLaws Amendments Approval (15 minutes)

  • Megan would like to make a change to Article 6 Section 1 to establish voting members as individuals or business owners in the Main Streets Program Area.
  • Gary makes a motion to approve the ByLaws with the highlighted and aforementioned changes; Megan seconds the motion; motion pass unanimously.

6. BOD – Memorandum of Understanding (2 minute)

  • Still missing MOUs from Gary, John, and Brian

7. Internal Processes (10 minutes)

  • WMSP need for computer and software
    • Karin makes a motion to approve the purchase of a computer and software as determined by the Executive Director and Brian Graves, not to exceed $1,500.00; Tracey seconds the motion; Gary makes a motion to amend the motion to add that the funds for this purchase shall come from the Main Streets reserve funds; motion passes unanimously.
  • Benefits for Executive Director Final Decision
    • Postponed

8. Front Porch Revision/Approval (5 minutes)

  • Gary makes a motion to approve the revisions to the Front Porch Pickaxe Narrative from Ayres and Associates; Karin seconds the motion; motion passes unanimously.

9. Directors Update (10 minutes)

  • Webinar with Town
    • Will move forward with scheduling the webinar for the first full week of May
  • Building/Office Sign
    • Will get more information on cost and the title change on the sign from Dynamic Image
  • Tastemade Video Update
    • Will be rescheduling for May or June

10. Adjourn

  • Anita makes a motion to adjourn at 9:23 am

The board may call an executive session if needed to discuss personnel or other private matters. Next Meeting: May 18, 2020 8am at Main Street office.